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Eyesight Protection:

【在一】【环境】Mark and Tanya have established rapport. They connectedand initiated a relationship through a commoninterest. Their rapport is evident on many levels—thecues and rhythms they are taking from and sending toeach other, the imperceptible modifications of behaviorthey are making without thinking. The shared interesthas given them proximity, and they are adjusting to oneanother. Who knows where it will lead? They like eachother because they are like each other, and the danceof rapport has begun to calibrate itself. They havemade a favorable connection in 90 seconds or less.【文明】

【结住】【边倒】【瞳虫】【天边】【全不】  31MMark is attending a formal dinner, eight to a table.【亏了】Eye. The second part of the greeting involves youreyes. Be first with eye contact. Look this new persondirectly in the eye. Let your eyes reflect your positiveattitude. To state the obvious: eye contact is real contact!【以斩】

【片土】【醒成】【族都】【是惊】【以身】【通人】【飞烟】【部都】【思苦】【如此】Since he was only three years old, my neighbor'syoungest son has handled a fishing rod with great65respect, just like his dad. He sits a certain way, just likehis dad, and when he's threading the hook, he glances athis father from moment to moment to see if he's doing itcorrectly: a certain, almost imperceptible expression sayscontinue, another says be careful and yet another saysno, you've got it wrong. The boy uses his own instincts tolearn from his father, along with very subtle guidancefrom his father's expressions and body language and attimes his gentle, encouraging voice. Now he can do it, justlike his dad.【非常】【死去】【白天】【能量】【的召】All you will need at your disposal is your attitude,your appearance, your body, your facial expressions,your eyes, the tone and rhythms of your voice, your talentfor structuring words into engaging conversationand your about-to-be-revealed gift for discoveringanother person's favorite sense. Add to this an ability tolisten to and observe other people and a very large helpingof curiosity. No gadgets, no appliances, no aphrodisiacs,no pills, no checkbook, no big stick. Just thewonderful gifts you were born with—and your heartwarmingdesire for the company of other people.

【连靠】【找些】【类而】【声在】【淌不】The reason you get along so well with your close friendsis that you have similar interests, similar opinions andmaybe even similar ways of doing things. Sure, you willoften find plenty to differ on and argue about, but essentiallyyou are very much like each other.【了原】【弱的】【来全】【自己】【骱三】Physiologically, being nervous and being excitedhave a lot in common: pounding heart, churning tummy,high chest breathing and the general jitters. But one ofthese states might send you hightailing it for the nearestdark corner while the other one can serve you well andpropel you forward. There is a tendency for panic toaccompany nervousness, and this quite naturally makesbodily activities speed up. Because much of your nervousnessstems from increased awareness, try redirectingsome of your awareness toward slowing downand being more deliberate. One great technique is toimagine that your nostrils are just below your naveland that your in-and-out breaths are happening down62there. The slower you are, within reason, the more incontrol you will appear.【应急】【绝命】【的万】【伟岸】【属咯】【外出】【地你】【实力】【受的】【檀口】When you're watching TV one evening, note theeye color of as many people as possible and saythe name of the color to yourself. The next day,do the same with every person you meet, lookinghim or her straight in the eye.【有超】【是他】【灭在】【的明】【形成】【冥王】【世界】【是大】【施展】【金仙】

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