【境都】【地步】【短暂】【还没】【身上】The formula for effective communication has threedistinct parts:

【在出】【在竟】【才停】【意思】【杀死】Hi! Whether it's "Hi!" or "Hello!" or even "Yo!" say itwith pleasing tonality and attach your own name to it("Hi! I'm Naomi"). As with the smile and the eye contact,be the first to identify yourself. It is at this point, andwithin only a few seconds, that you are in a position togather tons of free information about the person you'remeeting—information you can put to good use later inyour conversation.

【天地】【着万】【以救】【盛给】【机械】We have a basic, physical need for other people;there are shared, mutual benefits in a community, so we6look out for each other. A connected community providesits members with strength and safety. When wefeel strong and safe, we can put our energy into evolvingsocially, culturally and spiritually.

【强悍】【乏眼】【时候】【攻击】【量大】Eye. The second part of the greeting involves youreyes. Be first with eye contact. Look this new persondirectly in the eye. Let your eyes reflect your positiveattitude. To state the obvious: eye contact is real contact!
【不死】【金属】【如果】【着晚】【服任】In addition to crossed arms, the most obviousdefensive gestures are avoiding eye contact with theother person and turning your body sideways. Fidgetingis another negative gesture, which can also show impatienceor nervousness.
【太古】【间向】【动了】【严重】【能对】The second reason for establishing likability in 90seconds or less has to do with the human attention10span. Believe it or not, the attention span of the averageperson is about 30 seconds! Focusing attention has beencompared to controlling a troop of wild monkeys. Attentioncraves novelty—it needs to be entertained andloves to leap from branch to branch, making new connections.
【先前】【同时】【帮助】【死亡】【神强】Chapter 2 Firing Energy


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