【小心】【由得】【平的】【的不】【械战】There was a crash and a great shower of sparks way down the line of cabins. James Bond said, "There goes my shirt. Roof falling in on top of it." He paused and wiped his hand down his dirty, sweating face so that the black smudged even worse. "I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. Perhaps I should have been more ready for it than I was. I could have gone and changed the wheel on my car, for instance. If I'd done that we could get out now. We could work our way round the end of the cabins and make a dash for it. Get to Lake George or Glens Falls and send the cops along. But I thought that if I fixed the car our friends would have an excuse to tell me to get moving. I could have refused, of course, or said that I wouldn't go without you, but I thought that might lead to shooting. I'd be lucky to beat those two unless I shot first. And with me out of the picture, you'd have been back where we started. That would have been bad. You were a major part of their plan."【无尽】【根汗】【手拍】

【往宇】【也做】【行动】【养这】【这一】"I thought it was something like that. They kept on calling me that. I suppose it must really be true."【拔不】【子怎】【骨王】

【自然】【声衣】【地这】【其上】【生与】We sat down and, after the usual police preliminaries, I was asked to tell my story.【的决】【经过】【有隐】

【起来】【常的】【困住】【弑神】【在冥】It was written on motel paper from the writing desk. The writing was very clear and even, and he had used a real pen and not a ball-point.【震动】【在心】【地选】

【是初】【属云】【正的】【者有】【轻轻】Noiselessly? It wouldn't have mattered how much noise he made. There was a tremendous roar and crackle of flames behind me, and orange light flickered against the trees. I got carefully to my knees and painfully turned my head. A great wall of flame extended down to my right all along the row of cabins. God, what he had saved me from! I felt my body and put my hands up to ray hair. I was untouched. There was only the throbbing bruise at the back of my head. I found I could stand, and I got up and tried to think what had happened. But I could remember nothing after I had got hit. So they must have set fire to the place and James had somehow got to me in time and pulled me out into the trees at the back!【本佛】【征至】【暗主】


【喊冥】【少仙】【纵然】【古王】【头过】All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken. It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that had made his act of love so piercingly wonderful. That and the coinciding of nerves completely relaxed after the removal of tension and danger, the warmth of gratitude, and a woman's natural feeling for her hero. I had no regrets and no shame. There might be many consequences for me- not the least that I might now be dissatisfied with other men. But whatever my troubles were, he would never hear of them. I would not pursue him and try to repeat what there had been between us. I would stay away from him and leave him to go his own road, where there would be other women, countless other women, who would probably give him as much physical pleasure as he had had with me. I wouldn't care, or at least I told myself that I wouldn't care, because none of them would ever own him-own any larger piece of him than I now did. And for all my life I would be grateful to him, for everything. And I would remember him forever as my image of a man.【道理】【都朽】【将桥】

【刷灵】【操控】【血雨】【消耗】【淡一】How stupid! I hadn't closed the doors properly, and the automatic "courtesy" light inside hadn't switched itself off. Reluctantly I got out of bed. What a bore! And then, after I had taken only two steps across the room, I suddenly remembered. But there wouldn't be a light inside the cupboard! The electricity was switched off!【动这】【象郁】【紫无】


【而下】【中年】【该是】【舞干】【在黑】"No. Number 3 would be heavenly."【个天】【不知】【层银】

【了走】【大树】【然断】【吐舌】【们眼】He pulled out a small black suitcase, rested it on the ground, and snapped it open. He took something from under the clothes and slipped it into an inside pocket. He fiddled with one side of the case, took some thin black objects out that I took to be cartridge magazines, and stowed them away. Then he snapped the case shut, said, "Better have plenty of artillery," banged the door ostentatiously, and stood up. We then both went to the back of the car and knelt down to examine the flat tire. He said, "How about the telephone?"【无法】【狰狞】【祖佛】

【是达】【也难】【境扫】【到双】【是在】Sure enough, he now finished blowing his nose and seemed to take me in for the first time. He looked me over grinning delightedly. Then he walked all round me and came back and gave a long, low whistle. "Say, Horror." He winked at the other man. "This is some bimbo! Git an eyeful of those knockers! And a rear-end to match! Geez, what a dish!"【秘境】【下嘻】【危小】

【简单】【口凉】【情况】【间没】【发成】"But you might have got burned!"【回门】【小白】【速走】

【对千】【的强】【知道】【过这】【难的】Well, I settled down in my new job as "Assistant to the Editor," and I was given more writing to do and less leg-work, and in due course, after I had been there for a year, I graduated to a by-line, and "Vivienne Michel" became a public person and my salary went up to twenty guineas. Len liked the way I got on with things and wasn't afraid of people, and he taught me a lot about writing- tricks like hooking the reader with your lead paragraph, using short sentences, avoiding "okay" English, and, above all, writing about people. This he had learned from the Express, and he was always drumming it into my head. For instance, he had a phobia about the 11 and 22 bus services and he was always chasing them. I began one of my many stories about them, "Conductors on the Number 11 service complain that they have to work to too tight a schedule in the rush-hours." Len put his pencil through it. "People, people, people! This is how it ought to go: 'Frank Donaldson, a wideawake young man of twenty-seven, has a wife, Gracie, and two children, Bill, six, and Emily, five. And he has a grouse. "I haven't seen my kids in the evening ever since the summer holidays," he told me in the neat little parlor of number 36 Bolton Lane. "When I get home they're always in bed. You see, I'm a conductor, on the 11 route, and we've been running an hour late regular, ever since the new schedules came in." ' " Len stopped. "See what I mean? There are people driving those buses. They're more interesting than the buses. Now you go out and find a Frank Donaldson and make that story of yours come alive." Cheap stuff, I suppose, corny angles, but that's journalism, and I was in the trade and I did what he told me and my copy began to draw the letters-from the Donaldsons of the neighborhood and their wives and their mates. And editors seem to love letters. They make a paper look busy and read.【力宅】【理起】【尊巅】

【不得】【千百】【别的】【指古】【前在】Horror nodded. "Thought I smelled it. Who cares? We ain't done nuthin' wrong."【灵魂】【居然】【另一】

【拔起】【劈成】【到主】【击方】【要把】Apparently October fifteenth is a kind of magical date in this particular holiday world. Everything closes down on that day, except along the major highways. It is supposed to be the beginning of winter. There is the hunting season coming up, but the rich hunters have their own hunting clubs and camps in the mountains, and the poor ones take their cars to one or another of the picnic areas and climb up into the forests before dawn to get their deer. Anyway, around October fifteenth the tourists disappear from the scene and there is no more easy money to be made in the Adirondacks.【对自】【量动】【但想】

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