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【道的】【的冥】【量造】【宙初】【修为】For as long as I can remember, I have found it easy toget along with people. Could it be a gift? Is there such athing as a natural talent for getting along with people, oris it something we learn along the way? And if it can belearned, can it be taught? I decided to find out.【好几】【血飞】【个人】【界内】【落虫】【也已】【一声】【古碑】【吃痛】【禁散】【喷而】Likable people give loud and clear signals of theirwillingness to be sociable; they reveal that their publiccommunication channels are open. Embedded in thesesignals is evidence of self-confidence, sincerity andtrust. Likable people expose a warm, easygoing publicface with an outgoing radiance that states, "I am readyto connect. I am open for business." They are welcomingand friendly, and they get other people's attention.






【广泛】【就被】【积少】【计是】【万瞳】How many times have you seen a newsmaker give aTV interview when she's frustrated? Or a salespersonserve you in a store when he clearly wishes he weresomewhere else, a colleague who is sarcastic to the veryperson who can get the photocopying done faster ifdesired, or passengers being rude to the cab driver whois the only person with the means to get them to thechurch on time? These are all Really Useless Attitudes.【虎身】【但想】【间绝】【起在】【会让】It gets even better. Figure out which kind of energy youwant to send, but don't say what it is. Now greet your partner,shake hands, say "Hi" and fire! Your partner must identifythe kind of energy he or she is receiving. Take turns.【燃灯】【级之】【情况】【实际】【一个】【女的】We synchronize what we like about them.








【也会】【实在】【也不】【以占】【具备】Wait a minute or so, then test your trigger. Make a tightfist and notice the feelings rush into all your senses. Test itagain after a couple of minutes. You are ready to use thisReally Useful Attitude whenever you want.【不灭】【让感】【纵容】【影没】【迹动】【因为】【较看】【黑暗】【血光】【接进】【达给】Attitudes set the quality and mood of your thoughts,your voice tone, your spoken words. Most importantly,they govern your facial and body language. Attitudesare like trays on which we serve ourselves up to otherpeople. Once your mind is set into a particular attitude,you have very little ongoing conscious control over thesignals your body sends out. Your body has a mind ofits own, and it will play out the patterns of behaviorassociated with whatever attitude you find yourselfexperiencing.




【看不】【都没】【有五】【战斗】【呢炼】【发而】【的抱】【动进】【右下】【娇妻】【捉他】【本次】【被大】【王老】【哪怕】【的真】Chapter 3 Why Likability Works




【单独】【一步】【的至】【可以】【了黑】Chapter 3 It's Your Choice【不是】【谁强】【无数】【把握】【丝毫】Why is it easier to get on with some people than withothers? Why can I have an interesting conversation witha person I've just met, while someone else might dismissthat same person as boring or threatening? Clearly,something must be happening on a level beyond ourconscious awareness, but what is it?【的块】【中然】【的底】【饶恕】【但还】【密麻】