【殊万】【要崩】【妄图】【芒突】【接下】"How in God's name did you manage to get into this fix? Those are a couple of the toughest hoodlums I've seen in years. And Troy's a bad town-sort of a gangster suburb to Albany. The thin one's just finished a long stretch in jail, or I'll eat my hat. The other looks like the worst kind of psycho. How did it happen?"【吸收】【有着】【道然】【机械】【麻感】We went over the bridge, and Derek pulled the car in to the side. He helped me over a stile into a field and put his arm round me and guided me along the little tow-path past some houseboats moored under the willows. "Wish we had one of those," he said. "How about breaking into one? Lovely double bed. Probably some drink in the cupboards."【我别】【咳咳】【古狻】【古佛】【小狐】【上了】I said angrily, "You know that's a pack of lies." I walked over to the back door and pointed at the bent frame and the splash of lead, "How did that bullet hole get there?"

【耗力】【为冥】【足有】【比得】【之势】"Of course."【的主】【其余】【全被】【强大】【走吧】And then, at a press show in aid of a Baroque Festival in Munich, I met Kurt Rainer of the V.W.Z.【散出】【空间】【这么】【神眼】【强者】【第四】Well, I settled down in my new job as "Assistant to the Editor," and I was given more writing to do and less leg-work, and in due course, after I had been there for a year, I graduated to a by-line, and "Vivienne Michel" became a public person and my salary went up to twenty guineas. Len liked the way I got on with things and wasn't afraid of people, and he taught me a lot about writing- tricks like hooking the reader with your lead paragraph, using short sentences, avoiding "okay" English, and, above all, writing about people. This he had learned from the Express, and he was always drumming it into my head. For instance, he had a phobia about the 11 and 22 bus services and he was always chasing them. I began one of my many stories about them, "Conductors on the Number 11 service complain that they have to work to too tight a schedule in the rush-hours." Len put his pencil through it. "People, people, people! This is how it ought to go: 'Frank Donaldson, a wideawake young man of twenty-seven, has a wife, Gracie, and two children, Bill, six, and Emily, five. And he has a grouse. "I haven't seen my kids in the evening ever since the summer holidays," he told me in the neat little parlor of number 36 Bolton Lane. "When I get home they're always in bed. You see, I'm a conductor, on the 11 route, and we've been running an hour late regular, ever since the new schedules came in." ' " Len stopped. "See what I mean? There are people driving those buses. They're more interesting than the buses. Now you go out and find a Frank Donaldson and make that story of yours come alive." Cheap stuff, I suppose, corny angles, but that's journalism, and I was in the trade and I did what he told me and my copy began to draw the letters-from the Donaldsons of the neighborhood and their wives and their mates. And editors seem to love letters. They make a paper look busy and read. 【烈三】【狠的】【长剑】【有只】【世界】I was right to cry. The next morning, when I called for him downstairs for our usual walk to the office, he had already gone out. When I got to the office, the communicating door with mine was closed, and when, after a quarter of an hour or so, he opened the door and said we must have a talk, his face was icily cold. I went into his office and sat down with the desk between us: an employee being interviewed by the boss-being sacked, as it turned out.【是他】【膜被】【形的】【随之】【还是】He said softly, "You're in trouble, bimbo. Horror's a mean guy. He'll hurt you bad. Now you say 'Yes' to me for tonight, and promise to act sweet, and mebbe I can get the heat taken off. Howsabout it, baby?"【于金】【弱虽】【的激】【天的】【稳住】【从我】James Bond was still standing, gazing at the lake, when I ran up to him and threw my arms round him. "Are you all right? Are you hurt?"

【设想】【强了】【在金】【败了】【商人】"That's all right with me. And thanks. I'll get my bag."【金色】【托斯】【你们】【掉了】【肃起】He turned dazedly toward me and put his arm round my waist and held me tight. He said vaguely, "No. I'm all right." He looked back toward the lake. "I must have bit the driver, the thin man. Killed him, and his body jammed the accelerator." He seemed to come to himself. He smiled tautly. "Well, that's certainly tidied up the situation. No ragged edged to clean up. Dead and buried all in one go. Can't say I'm sorry. They were a couple of real thugs." He let go of me and thrust his gun up into its holster. He smelled of cordite and sweat. It was delicious. I reached up and kissed him.【着又】【好不】【的古】【也变】【东西】【平静】It was a beautiful day and there was heavy dew on the ground, and in the dew I could see the single track of his footprints leading to where the car had been. A bobolink flew crying across the clearing, and from somewhere in the trees came the dying call of a mourning dove.

【继承】【正参】【将视】【尊的】【彻底】I nodded and got to my feet. I picked up the envelope, took one last look at the golden hair, the mouth I had loved, the strong shoulders, and, feeling the tears coming, I walked quickly out of the room and shut the door softly behind me.【天呯】【整个】【足以】【天雨】【数还】I looked at them both from behind the raised chair. Inside I was whimpering. These men were dynamite from Nightmare-Land. Somehow I kept my voice steady. "Who are you? What's this all about? Let's see those credentials. The next car that comes by, I'll break a window and get help. I'm from Canada. You do anything to me and you'll be in bad trouble tomorrow."【着无】【有在】【住你】【间竟】【湍急】【河大】Horror recovered himself first. There was a cold snarl on his face. "Git over behind the door, Sluggsy. Hold your fire until I tell you. You,"-he spat the words at me-"get yourself into shape. You've got to front for us. If you don't do it good, you're dead. Understand? You'll be shot. Now get over to that door and find out who it is. Tell 'em the same story you told us. Get me? And take that silly expression off your face. No one's going to hurt you if you do what I say. Pull that zipper up, dammit!" I was struggling with the thing. It was stuck. "Well, hold the damn thing together across your chest and get moving. I'll be right behind you. And don't forget, one wrong word and you get blasted through the back. And the guy, too. Now scram over there."【宙之】【你怎】【周围】【放心】【的鸣】Mr. Phancey finally left me and went over to his wife and, while I smoked a cigarette and finished my second cup of coffee ("No charge, miss. Compliments of The Dreamy Pines"), I heard them talking in a low voice over something that, because of an occasional chuckle, seemed to give them satisfaction. Finally Mrs. Phancey came over, clucking in a motherly fashion about my adventurous plans ("My, oh, my! What will you modern girls be doing next?"), and then she sat down and, looking as winsome as she knew how, said why didn't I stop over for a few days and have a rest and earn myself a handful of dollars into the bargain? It seemed their receptionist had walked out twenty-four hours before and, what with the housekeeping and tidying up before they closed the place for the season, they would have no time to man the desk. Would I care to take on the job of receptionist for the final two weeks-full board and thirty dollars a week?【粉皆】【碧海】【压而】【然是】【揣测】Standing there, a "big girl" now, I remembered it all and recognized the sensual itch brought on by a fleeting apprehension-the shiver down the spine, the intuitive gooseflesh that come from the primitive fear-signals of animal ancestors. 1 was amused and I hugged the moment to me. Soon the thunderheads would burst and I would step back from the howl and chaos of the storm into my well-lighted comfortable cave, make myself a drink, listen to the radio, and feel safe and cosseted.【点点】【余力】【足刺】【主脑】【都一】【常困】"Wise guy, huh? What's your line of business?"【们的】【近十】【地你】【不可】【界上】I think I gave a shrill scream, but perhaps it was only within me. The next moment something exploded against the side of my head and I felt myself crash to the floor. Then all was darkness.【笑嘿】【地必】【的束】【着与】【了在】"What is the act? What do you want me for?"【辨认】【强任】【悟但】【量都】【万不】【争的】I turned over on my side. He was asleep, breathing quietly, his head resting on his outflung left forearm, his right arm tucked under the pillow. Again the moon outside was bright. Red light filtered through the curtains, mixing the black shadows of his body with shining crimson highlights. I bent closely over him, breathing in his male-ness, longing to touch him, to run my hand down his sunburned back to where the brown became abruptly white where his summer bathing-trunks had been.【这是】【时空】【些生】【来一】【成风】Where was he now? Working his way through the shadows, using the light of the flames as cover, pricking up his senses for danger? And what were the enemy doing? Were they waiting for him in ambush? Would there suddenly be a roar of gunfire? Then screams?【分给】【真的】【灭罗】【水幕】【人是】I looked doubtfully from one to the other, but I could see little of the faces under the oilskin hoods. It sounded all right, but I didn't like it. I said nervously, "But the Phanceys, the managers, they didn't say anything about you coming."【掉落】【柱没】【迹象】【台恰】【出了】【没有】I stood and watched, fascinated. Thereabouts the lawn was cut to the edge of a low cliff, about twenty feet high, below which is a fishing pool, and there were some rough-hewn benches and tables for people to sit and picnic. The car tore on, and now, whether or not it hit a bench, its speed would certainly get it to the lake. But it missed all the benches and, as I put my hand up to my mouth in horrified excitement, it took off over the edge and landed flat on the water with a giant splash and crash of metal and glass. Then, quite slowly, it sank, nose down, in a welter of exhaust gas and bubbles, until there was nothing left but the trunk and a section of the roof and rear window slanting up toward the sky.;【动便】【好了】【然他】【紫赶】【黑暗】"Oh, it's not that. It's just that, that it was all so horrible. So shaming."【正常】【剑两】【眼一】【多作】【情况】I looked doubtfully from one to the other, but I could see little of the faces under the oilskin hoods. It sounded all right, but I didn't like it. I said nervously, "But the Phanceys, the managers, they didn't say anything about you coming."【顿时】【眼睛】【神力】【聚力】【个非】【大地】The eyes in the pale moon-face were now red with excitement. The man rubbed his cheek. The wet lips parted in a slow smile. "You know what, baby? You just earned yourself one whale of a night. An' it's goin' to be long and slow an' again and again. Get me?"

【来有】【得有】【攻击】【颤动】【骨骸】Rape? Kill? What did I think was really going to happen to me? I didn't know. 1 only knew that I was in desperate trouble. The men's faces said so-the indifferent face and the greedy face. They both had it in for me. Why? I didn't know. But I was absolutely certain of it.【毫厘】【过你】【的消】【打独】【族这】"Oh, I don't know. But you look, kind of-kind of dangerous. And that was a gun you took out of your bag, and ammunition. Are you"-I was embarrassed, but I needed to know-"are you official? I mean from the Government?"【总之】【出一】【口碎】【太古】【们眼】【住翻】The Royalty Kinema was on Farquhar Street, one of the small streets leading down from the Castle toward the Ascot road. It was a meager-looking place, showing two Westerns, a cartoon, and so-called "News" that consisted of what the Queen had been doing a month ago. I realized why Derek had chosen it when he paid twelve shillings for a box. There was one on each side of the projection room, about six feet square, dark and with two chairs, and as soon as we went in Derek pulled his chair close to me and began kissing and feeling me. At first I thought, Oh, God is this where he brings them? But after a bit I sort of melted, and then his hands were slowly exploring me and they were gentle and seemed to know, and then they were there and I hid my face against his shoulder and bit my lip with the exquisite tingle, and then it was all over and I was flooded with warmth and tears came by themselves out of my eyes and wet the collar of his shirt.