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【迫隔】【上句】'Gosh, that's certainly a drink,' said Leiter.【牺牲】【住我】【依依】【显玉】'Silence.'【海大】



【声擎】【更是】The Le Chiffre affair was never mentioned between them. She occasionally told Bond amusing stories of Head of S's office. She had apparently transferred there from the WRNS. And he told her of some of his adventures in the Service.【辰一】【出胜】【暗淡】【般将】'I would love a glass of vodka,' she said simply, and went back to her study of the menu.【阴森】【门进】【注进】Later, as Bond was finishing his first straight whisky 'on the rocks' and was contemplating the paté de foie gras and cold langouste which the waiter had just laid out for him, the telephone rang.【此不】【的唯】【被诛】【着两】She shook her head.【几声】【瞬间】【起一】She smiled with the first hint of conspiracy she had shown. 'I would like to very much,' she said, 'and then perhaps you would chaperon me to the Casino where Monsieur Mathis tells me you are very much at home. Perhaps I will bring you luck.'【力都】【了你】【全都】【思想】The sea was smooth and quiet in the sunrise. The small pink waves idly licked the sand. It was cold, but he took off his jacket and wandered naked along the edge of the sea to the point where he had bathed the evening before, then he walked slowly and deliberately into the water until it was just below his chin. He took his feet off the bottom and sank, holding his nose with one hand and shutting his eyes, feeling the cold water comb his body and his hair.【己也】

【了大】【一边】'I suppose you think that's paid me back for knowing what the Muntzes were up to. Well, I'll call it quits. Incidentally, we've got them in the bag. They were just some minor fry hired for the occasion. We'll see they get a few years.'【而且】【然不】【留下】【传承】Leiter sensed the rebuff.【暗机】【已经】【兽是】'Quatre.'【握的】【形虽】【时唯】【始跳】There was a pause.【愿背】【黄泉】【明却】From: Head of S.【右来】【有一】【如般】【类一】The small shadow had passed. The second small shadow. This too left a tiny question-mark hanging in the air. It quickly dissolved as warmth and intimacy enclosed them again.【行法】【佛围】【气中】In the back seat was the tall thin gunman. He lay back relaxed, gazing at the ceiling, apparently uninterested in the wild speed of the car. His right hand lay caressingly on Vesper's left thigh which stretched out naked beside him.【好走】【也没】【大人】【横这】Bond was stopped by the cold eyes. M knew all this already, knew the odds at baccarat as well as Bond. That was his job - knowing the odds at everything, and knowing men, his own and the opposition's. Bond wished he had kept quiet about his misgivings.【们不】【如果】【也算】Bond nodded.【型玉】【径自】【反而】【祖对】I am an agent of the MWD. Yes, I am a double agent for the Russians. I was taken on a year after the war and I have worked for them ever since. I was in love with a Pole in the RAF. Until you, I still was. You can find out who he was. He had two DSOs and after the war he was trained by M and dropped back into Poland. They caught him and by torturing him they found out a lot and also about me. They came after me and told me he could live if I would work for them. He knew nothing of this, but he was allowed to write to me. The letter arrived on the fifteenth of each month. I found I couldn't stop. I couldn't bear the idea of a fifteenth coming round without his letter. It would mean that I had killed him. I tried to give them as little possible. You must believe me about this. Then it came to you. I told them you had been given this job at Royale, what your cover was and so on. That was why they knew about you before you arrived and why they had time to put the microphones in. They suspected Le Chiffre, but they didn't know what your assignment was except that it was something to do with him. That was all I told them.【突然】

【宇宙】【有轮】'Neuf à la banque,' quietly said the croupier. With his spatula he faced the Greek's two cards, 'Et le sept,' he said unemotionally, lifting up gently the corpses of the seven and queen and slipping them through the wide slot in the table near his chair which leads into the gib metal canister to which all dead cards are consigned. Le Chiffre's two cards followed them with a faint rattle which comes from the canister at the beginning of each session before the discards have made a cushion over the metal floor of their oubliette.【神归】【眼让】【三柄】【严重】

SMERSH was next heard of when Hitler attacked Russia. It was then rapidly expanded to cope with treachery and double agents during the retreat of the Soviet forces in 1941. At that time it worked as an execution squad for the NKVD and its present selective mission was not so clearly defined.【要的】【影骤】【臂嘴】It was a nine, a wonderful nine of hearts, the card known in gipsy magic as 'a whisper of love, a whisper of hate', the card that meant almost certain victory for Bond.【是无】【佛慈】【日你】【紫搂】Bond gave her a look of inquiry.【环境】

【是没】【如此】In two coups he had lost twelve million francs. By scraping the barrel, he had just sixteen million francs left, exactly the amount of the next banco.【漆黑】【非常】【准备】【细微】'Oh yes,' said his companion, 'and now let's see. What shall we have to celebrate?'【不仅】【天级】【发现】And lost again, to a natural nine.【方法】【机械】【受得】【小白】He took the objects the thin man handed him and stuffed them and Bond's Beretta into his wide pockets without examining them. He left the men to it and walked back to the car. His face showed neither pleasure nor excitement.【风嗖】

【突破】【了我】In the background there thudded always the hidden metronome of the Casino, ticking up its little treasure of one-per-cents with each spin of a wheel and each turn of a card - a pulsing fat-cat with a zero for a heart.【追上】【修为】【的死】【情况】During this offensive pantomime Bond had coldly held the banker's gaze, taking in the wide expanse of white face surmounted by the short abrupt cliff of reddish-brown hair, the unsmiling wet red mouth and the impressive width of the shoulders, loosely draped in a massively cut dinner-jacket.【现在】【一整】【但如】Walking quietly up on the balls of his feet, he regretted the hubris of his reply to M via Jamaica. As a gambler he knew it was a mistake to rely on too small a capital. Anyway, M probably wouldn't let him have any more. He shrugged his shoulders and turned off the stairs into the corridor and walked softly to the door of his room.【只是】【上一】【提前】【了那】'All right,' he said. 'Take our friend Le Chiffre. It's simple enough to say he was an evil man, at least it's simple enough for me because he did evil things to me. If he was here now, I wouldn't hesitate to kill him, but out of personal revenge and not, I'm afraid, for some high moral reason or for the sake of my country.'【然是】

【汹涌】【仿佛】He felt weak from the passion which had swept through his body. He was torn between the desire to fall back full-length on the bed and his longing to be cooled and revived by the sea. He played with the choice for a moment, then he went over to his suitcase and took out white linen bathing-drawers and a dark blue pyjama-suit.【一粒】【那三】【怀疑】【之人】'Are you satisfied, monsieur?' he asked. 'You notice how clearly they came over. Are they not a wonderful team?' He made a winding motion with his right hand and raised his eyebrows.【艘仙】【在是】【佛土】Le Chiffre glanced again in the mirror. Bond's car was just entering the bend. Le Chiffre made a racing change and threw the Citro?n left-handed down the narrow side-road, at the same time dowsing his lights.【发成】【一声】【出现】【来爆】'Stay there,' said Mathis.【让突】



【但已】【仙尊】He spoke in English with no accent. His voice was low and soft and unhurried. He showed no emotion. He might have been a doctor summoning the next patient from the waiting-room, a hysterical patient who had been expostulating feebly with a nurse.【王国】【领域】【美的】【态与】'Now,' he looked up again at Mathis, 'that's all very fine. The hero kills two villains, but when the hero Le Chiffre starts to kill the villain Bond and the villain Bond knows he isn't a villain at all, you see the other side of the medal. The villains and heroes get all mixed up.【大军】【个意】【上万】Bond didn't defend the practice. He simply maintained that the more effort and ingenuity you put into gambling, the more you took out.【置这】【声道】【闪我】【一个】CHAPTER 20 - THE NATURE OF EVIL【让我】